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Duvet Inner

It is always difficult to find the perfect duvet inner to suit your needs. Below are tips to help you choose the right duvet inner


Duvet Inner   -  Double: W 200 x L 200        Queen: W 230 x L 200      King: W 230 x L 220

  • Before you buy

    Take some time out when going to bed tonight and consider the following:

    • Is your duvet big enough?

    • Are you warm enough?

    • Do you need to change your duvet depending on the season?

    • Does your duvet drape comfortably over your body?

    • Does your duvet feel heavy or light?

    • Do you have any allergies?

    • Do you need to wash your duvet regularly

  • Choosing the right duvet inner




    The best of quality and ultimate luxury. Comfort in all seasons; stay warm in winter and keep cool in summer.

    All Seasons Duvets

    The All Seasons Duvet inners feature two separate down duvets, one lighter than the other. The lighter duvet is perfect for summer, while the medium weight one is perfect for autumn and spring. For extra warmth in winter, simply clip the two together.

    An investment piece that is soft and light but still keeps you warm in winter.

    Goose Down Duvets

    These duvets are extra light, extra warm, and extra puffy offering the best sleeping experience there is. They are ideal for extreme winter cold and are definitely an investment in quality.

    An investment piece that is soft, light and provides maximum insulation to keep you super warm in winter.

    90% Lux Hungarian Goose Down or 60% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets

    These duvets have excellent insulating properties due to the high down content. They keep you super warm and comfortable as they adjust to your body temperature.

    A high down duvet that is value for money.

    60% Goose Down Duvets

    This duvets is one of our best sellers as it offers excellent quality that is value for money.

    A down duvet that is soft.

    50% Duck Down Duvets

    This duvet is made from an equal blend of fluffy duck down and small feathers which gives it a nice touch of softness.

    Heavier down duvets.

    50% or 20% Duck Down Duvets

    This duvets is heavier because of its higher feather content.

    A duvet that won’t make you too hot or sweaty at night.

    90% Goose Down or 60% Goose Down Duvets. Or Italian Fine Fibre Premium or Moderate Duvets. Choose the weight / tog value that suits your climate.

    The higher the down content of a duvet the better it will be at regulating your body temperature.

    Fine Fibre Duvets feel and act the same way Goose Down Duvets do, offering you warmth without the weight.

    Duvets for a warm or humid climate.

    Summer weight 100% Organic Mulberry Silk, 90% Hungarian or 600% Hungarian Goose Down Duvets.

    These 100% natural duvet inners are lightweight and ideal for warm, humid nights or climates.

    A duvet that feels super light but keeps you warm.

    Lux 90% Hungarian Goose Down, 100% Organic Mulberry Silk or Fine Fibre Duvets.

    These duvet options provide warmth without the weight and are arguably the best duvets available in this category.

  • Filling types
    • 100% Organic Mulberry Inners
      It has been known for centuries that silk is one of the most natural insulators. The natural property within silk is great for your skin and hair. Besides that, they provide thermal regulation and aid circulation giving you the most comfortable sleep. They are also breathable and hypoallergenic.
    • Goose Down Inners
      These fabulous duvets contain a blend of fluffy 90% white down and 10% small fine feathers, with many thousands more down clusters than feathers in the mix to create a lovely lightweight feel.
    • Duck Down & Feather Inners
      These duvets are made up of 50% Duck Down and 50% Duck Feathers. The filling is more economical option and is slightly heavier than the pure down options. These down & feather is locked into place by baffled wall boxed cassettes to ensure the fill remains evenly distributed.
    • Synthetic / Down Alternative Inners
      These non-allergenic duvets contain fillings made of synthetic fibres like hollow fibre and microfiber, or silk which is naturally free of dust mites.