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Duvet or comforter

Duvets and comforters both keep you warm but how do you know which one to choose.  A duvet needs an inner sheet for added warmth and a comforter does not need an inner sheet.

  • Duvets

    What you need to consider about duvets 

    • For added warmth, an inner sheet is needed.
    • The cover does not hold the inner in place. 
    • A bedcover protects your duvet from stains, dirt and dust. 
    • A duvet cover makes it easy to change up the look of your bedroom. 
    • It takes up less space. 


         Duvets           - Double: W 200 x L 200        Queen: W 230 x L 200      King: W 230 x L 220 

  • Comforter

    What you need to consider about comforters 

    • No inner sheet is needed. 
    • No duvet cover is needed.
    • Not as easy to change style. 
    • It is sold by bed size. 
    • It can be easily laundered at home. 


      Comforter - Double: W 220 x L 220       Queen: W 240 x L 220      King: W 260 x L 220