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Folding a fitted sheet

Folding a fitted sheet can be very frustrating to get everything neat and smooth.

  • How to fold a fitted sheet

    Hold the corners of the sheet from the top, then:

    • Hold the two corners of the sheet arm’s length apart. At this point, your hands should be on the inside and the sheet should be inside out.
    • Fold one of the corners you’re holding over the other and wrap it around the hand on the other corner.
    • With the hand that is free, grab a third corner and tuck it into a ball of a sheet. The third corner should be joined with the first two corners.
    • Repeat this with the fourth corner.
    • At this point you should have all four corners overlapping over your palm.
    • Now, straighten up all the loose edges and lay the sheet on a flat surface.
    • Finally, fold the sheet both length-wise and across forming a neat square.

    That’s it.

    All you need to remember is folding the corners over your palm, tucking in all the loose edges.