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A good bath towel is both soft and strong. Think about the fabric that you would like to dry off on: do you
want thin and light, or thick and super-absorbent? Here are some guidelines to choose the right towel
for your comfort and usage.

  • Towel size

    Towels come in a variety of sizes for different needs.

    Bath sheet

    Hand Towel


    Long Facecloth

    100 x 160

    50 x 90

    35 x 35

    35 x 50

  • Bath towel construction

    A good bath towel is both soft and strong. A durable bath towel has a strong fabric with the strongest being Egyptian cotton. Bath towels with double-turned edges and double stitching are extra tough for washing machine and dryer usage.

  • Bath towel material
    • Bamboo 
      Bamboo towels are more durable and absorbent than cotton towels of a similar quality. They are soft, extremely durable and resistant to pilling and shrinkage. As they are absorbent, there’s no need to rub your skin and cause irritation. Other than the natural benefits of bamboo, they can also give your cost savings over time as they need to be replaced less often.
    • Bamboo cotton blend
      Bamboo cotton blend towels are woven together to provide you with the benefits of both natural fibres which include antibacterial, hypoallergenic and thermal regulating properties. It is super absorbent and last longer than conventional bath towels. With its antimicrobial and anti-fungal effect, it eliminates odors easily. 
    • Egyptian cotton 
      Egyptian cotton towels have long staple fibres, making them exceptionally soft, luxurious and highly durable. Egyptian cotton towels are considered high quality and top of the range.
    • Cotton polyester blend 
      Cotton polyester blend is made from 86% cotton and 14% polyester ring spun yarns. It is soft yet durable for frequent use. 
    • 100% cotton 
      100% cotton is extremely absorbent, lush and softer than most cotton blended fabrics. A good fit for any setting.

  • Bath towel colour

    Use bath towels to liven up a bathroom by picking colours that play off of the walls, fixtures, flooring
    or existing decorative accents. 

    Neutral-colour bath towels will look good just about anywhere and let other bathroom elements get all
    the attention

    Boldly coloured bath towels can make a bathroom unique and patterned bath towels can make a solid-
    coloured bathroom interesting. 

  • Five basic steps for cleaning your towels
    • Step 1: Flush
      Run the towels underneath water before adding detergent.
    • Step 2: Wash
      Wash the towels in hot water with detergent. Most towels are machine washable at 60°C. 
    • Step 3: Brighten
      It is not recommended to use bleach for washing your towels. If necessary, a non-chlorine bleach or an oxygen bleach alternative can help maintain the quality and appearance of the material.
    • Step 4: Rinse
      Wash away all the dirt, germs, and unwanted stains to make the towels pure white once again.
    • Step 5: Dry
      Dry the towels immediately after the final rinse cycle to prevent mildew. Use high heat to dry the towels to destroy any remaining germs. It is recommended to tumble dry towels to maintain its soft texture.