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Inspire Cost of Credit

INspire Credit Facility Account Information

    INspire offers a customer friendly credit facility account with repayment terms of 6 and 12 months. We offer this credit facility at affordable terms to enable you to make the purchases you require today.

  • Your product instalment will include

    Your monthly instalment will include interest charged at 18.25% for the 12 months repayment term and delivery fees (estimated delivery fee for delivery to Johannesburg or Cape Town is included in the advertised instalment values). The interest on the 6 month repayment term is 0% as long as you remain up to date with paying the required instalment due.

  • Monthly service fee

    A monthly service fee (currently R35 including VAT) will be charged to your account only if there is an outstanding balance on your account. The monthly service fee will be included in your instalment due on your statement.

  • Account Initiation fee

    A once-off account initiation fee (R150 including VAT) will be charged on the day of your first purchase on your credit facility account. The fee can be paid on the date charged or it will be added to your instalments due over the first six months. No interest will be charged on this fee, except if the instalment due is not paid.

  • Cost of Credit Table

    Please click on this link to see our detailed cost of credit table.

  • National Credit Regulator

    Know your rights - click here to learn more.